Spirits of Laken Series

Sexy as Sin.

Dangerous and Utterly Lethal

Meet the males of Spirits of Laken

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All I Need 

When she inherits the ancestral manor she’d grown up in from her wily grandmother, Jilly is ready to settle down. Only problem—the manor has been willed to Luke Bannon as well. 

The bane of her existence, Luke is the one guy who can threaten her carefully erected walls. But not a man to be ignored, he has loved her forever. He just wishes he didn’t have to share the house with her.

Once they’re alone in the old manor, it’s clear something isn’t right.... Doors locked tight, windows won’t budge... something—or someone—won’t let them leave. At least not until they admit they’re meant to be together.

What are reader's Saying about All I Need?

"I Love Eden Ashe's writing. Her character's are vivid and come to life on the page from the first word. All I need is a fun quick read but Ashe manages to do a complete character development with in this novella. Of course the sex is hot, the guy is even hotter and her heroine is tough and smart. I loved it from word one. If I had to compare Eden Ashe to another writer ( something I hate to do, but in this case it is merited) I would have to mention Nora Roberts." 

~ Amazon Reader Review

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All I Want

Megan Bannon is a small-town girl, perfectly content to live her small-town life, until Jess Thorn shows up at her vintage shop, looking for a family heirloom. He's hot, sexy as hell, with an edge of danger she can't quite pin down, and the longer he's in her shop, the more she starts to fantasize about ripping his clothes off. He's made it clear it would only be one night, because the second he finds the amulet, he's gone.

Jess is running out of time. From a long line of supernatural hunters, he discovered the amulet possessing his recently deceased brother’s soul had been accidentally sold in an online auction. Knowing he only had a brief window of time before his brother's spirit becomes angry, then violent, Thorn is desperate to find it before anything bad happens. Only he hadn't counted on meeting Megan. 

After a lifetime of hunting the bad, shadowy things in the world, Thorn wants to soak up her goodness and never let her go. But his dead brother is angry, and when it becomes too late, the one person he suddenly can't bear to see hurt becomes the biggest target of all. 

What are reader's Saying about All I Want?

"Love the second book of the series. Megan runs a little vintage shop, that either by mistake or on purpose, bought an amulet. The amulet is what Thorne has come to town looking for. But it is not just a piece of jewelry, it holds something very important to him and he will do anything to get it back. But everything changes when her meets her. The instant attraction is something neither want to resist even if it is only for one night."

~ Amazon Reader Review