Fairy Tale Collection

Can a kidnapped fairy

and a human find love despite all odds?

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Ever Mine

Can a kidnapped fairy and a human find love despite all odds?

Nathan Alexander’s batty aunt has done it again. This time she’s sent him a rare plant he doesn’t want. Imagine his surprise when he finds a kidnapped fairy hidden within its leaves. As a man who heads a non-profit organization for abused women and children, Nathan makes it his mission to help her find her way home.

All her life Katenia was warned about the evilness of humans. Never was that proved more true than when she was kidnapped from her quiet valley home. Thrust into the human world, Katenia must fight her very instincts to trust Nathan if she ever hopes to return to her rightful place…and to her normal thumb-sized fairy form.

But with their lives in danger, finding home…and love…will be a journey worthy of a fairy tale

What are reader's Saying about Ever Mine?

"This is a fast paced , all happens in like 2-3 days, rollercoaster with life and death situations, steamy love scenes, broken moody hero, crazy ex, devious family members, crazy family members that want run H/h life, a sweet and child like at times heroine with body out of a "wet dream" and an adventure that starts off with trying help a damsel in distress but ends up being more about H/h saving each other!!!"

~ Amazon Reader Review