Hunters Series

A Psychic Gypsy

A Demon Hunter Living in the shadows

A Love that could cost them everything.


Hunter Undone

Choosing him could cost her everything.

A psychic gypsy. A demon hunter living in the shadows.

Tyler Wade’s entire life revolves around hunting and killing the things that go bump in the night.

Shay Evernight embraces everything Tyler fights against. She talks to ghosts, she has terrifying visions of his future, and she’s determined to help Tyler's mother. His long-dead mother.

When the truth of his mother’s disappearance comes to light, demons start popping up around town, and Shay’s visions grow more terrifying. Can two people who have spent their lives in the shadows of their secrets come into the light together as war clouds gather?

What are reader's Saying about Hunter Undone?

"Eden Ashe writes characters you simply MUST care about. they are real, they exist and what happens to them matters.This isn't just a romance, this is a story about strength. strength to accept who you are, even if it isn't who want it to be, strength is accepting the person you fall in love with, even if its inconvenient and painful. Strength to let others see beyond the face you show the world, strength to let someone close enough to understand how weak you truly are."

~ Amazon Reader Review