Character Interview: Hunter and Hadley from Her Broken Bear by Summer Donnelly

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This week, we have the awesome Hunter and his Hadley from Her Broken Bear: Shifter Special Forces by Summer Donnelly!

Title: Her Broken Bear

Series: Shifter Special Forces

Author: Summer Donnelly

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Answering an emergency call from her best friend, twenty-eight-year-old Hadley Mills runs to Maxwell Mountains, North Carolina. There she meets Hunter, explosives expert and bear shifter. Hadley is able to heal Hunter's body, but his heart and mind are beyond her control. Thirty-year-old Hunter Bromstad has a broken bear. Sent back from a battle with more internal scars than a man should carry, Hunter can't control his bear. But when he falls in love with a nurse practitioner, his life is turned upside down. Can he learn to control his bear? What about the years of service he still owes the government? And when a fire breaks out on Maxwell Mountain, will he and Hadley be able to survive the fallout?

Thank you for visiting The Dragon Lair! So tell me a little bit about Her Broken Bear and characters.

Twenty-eight-year-old Nurse practitioner Hadley Mills is called in to help injured bear-shifter Hunter Bromstadt. After an argument with a cougar shifter goes sideways, Hunter is injured and delirious. When Hunter’s bear scents his mate, however, they set off on a single-minded pursuit

But when Hunter’s military flashbacks cause him to lose control of his bear, not even Hadley can help.

Join Hadley and Hunter as they fall in love amidst the exquisite Blue Mountains of North Carolina.

Where did the story come from?

In this universe, Shifters are man-made super soldiers created for the government. I wanted to explore how PTSD would impact both the man and his animal half.

Can you tell me a little about the characters?

Hadley was born to older parents, disinterested in having a child. She grew up with nannies and boarding schools. She craves a real home with a dozen babies.

Hunter was raised poor. He joined the Shifter Special Forces because of the steady income and his death benefit would have been enough to put his younger sister through school.

What about these characters fascinated you, and made you want to tell their story?

In real life, we meet so many broken people. The writer in me wishes I could fix them all, but people don’t behave as well as book characters. (although sometimes book characters don’t behave, either!!) Hadley is a modern-day healer who tries to heal the body and mind of the man she loves.

Can I meet them?


So…Hunter. While remembering to keep this PG-13 in case my mother reads this, what’s your favorite thing about Hadley?

After the asshole Cree (can I say asshole?) took a chunk out of my shoulder, her voice called me back from the edge. I was lost in madness and her rose-scented skin and musical voice found me.

Hadley, same question. What was it about Hunter that drew you in, and made you decide HIM. I want HIM? Other than his manly bits, of course

I’d been alone my whole life. Kept apart from my parents, rotating nannies. Casual friendships. Hunter was different. His spirit called to me, and I found a home within his arms.

What do you think is the best part of the story?

Hunter: That time in the shower. (Hadley agrees that was pretty awesome!)

So, now that the book is over, how are you all behaving for Ms Donnelly?

Hunter: She’s writing the asshole’s story now. I’m not sure we’ll ever be friends but he did save my life, so I suppose I owe it to not fight with him in his book. Even if he did chew me up in mine.

Hadley: If he hadn’t bit you after a fight YOU provoked, I might add, you wouldn’t have met me. (raises eyebrow and stares at her mate)

How do you feel about your love story being out in the world, for everyone to read?

Hunter: She could have mentioned how big my junk was a few more times.

Hadley: I hope people fall a little more in love with love after reading how we overcame the challenges we faced.

You have been awesome. Thank you so much for visiting me. Is there anything else you’d like to add about Her Broken Bear before I let you get back to your lives?

Hunter: Can you mention how—

Hadley: No, we are not discussing your junk again!

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